Introduction 介绍

Now that we have discussed various aspects of sound application architecture using Laravel 4, Let's dig into some more specifics. In this chapter, we'll discuss tips for decoupling various handlers like queue and event handlers, as well as other "event-like" structures such as route filters.

我们已经讨论了用 Laravel 制作优美的程序架构的各个方面,让我们再深入一些细节。在本章,我们将讨论如何解耦各种处理函数:队列处理函数、事件处理函数,甚至其他“事件型”的结构如路由过滤器。

Don't Clog Your Transport Layer 不要堵塞传输层

Most "handlers" can be considered transport layer components. In other words, they receive calls through something like queue workers, a dispatched event, or an incoming request. Treat these handlers like controllers, and avoid clogging them up with the implementation details of your application.


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